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  1. Straw Hat

From the recording Straw Hat


He missed the boat
so he took a taxi
they sat in the rain while she smoked a cigarette
She brought her straw hat
and he put it on his head
through his long lashes she could see forever

She had a drink
and he had another
then he said maybe we should feed you lover

As they sat together at the kitchen table
she was so full up she couldn’t eat a bite

He held her hand
as they walked the pier
said so much but there was so much more

As they stood together at the end of the boardwalk
in the Wall street shimmer they could see each other

He wanted to look
and she wished to be
in the bedside light they found a moment in between
She didn’t know
he could be so true - to a vow so far away he couldn’t reach it

As they sat together at the edge of the bed
he found it wasn’t so easy not to break that promise

He wore her straw hat
as he was looking in the mirror
at a face that he had never seen
He walked through her closet door - then he took it off
tucked it beneath his arm
and then he walked away