From the recording Mona Lisa in a Comic Book

This tune will be on Venus Smile, and is about people who are bigger than they think they are, in the metaphorical sense...


He's a square peg, in a round hole

but no one would ever know

jams his long legs in the economy row

but you'll never hear him complain

He's a Jaguar in a Chevrolet

he's a jet plane in a double prop

he's a thousand thread count burlap bag

she's the ocean in a paper cup

He's a gold mine in a junkyard, so nobody digs him
she's an elevator on a slippery slope
but nobody's taking a ride

She's the heir to the throne on a Greyhound bus
he's the president of his own four walls
he's a masterwork in a paperback
she's mona lisa in a comic book

Chip away, make it fit, hit it a little bit harder

Make it fit, chip away, until there's nothing left

pay your respects to the man inside the bottle

he's doing the best that you'll let him

He's a bright light, in a dark room
but nobody turns him on
she's a slow fuse, in a tinder box
but nobody's found a match

he's a big fish in a small pond
has a high iq and a magic wand
he's a ticket to ride on a slow boat to China
so she doesn't know he's alive

he's an atom bomb in your cracker jack
she's a waterfall at last call
you can try to lend him sugar but he'll send it back
she's a daisy in a parking lot
she's a daisy in a parking lot
mona lisa in a comic book