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  1. Black Hole

From the recording Black Hole


Black Hole

I've fallen into a black hole
looked like your heart
felt like my soul
now I got nowhere to go
from this side out looks like the end of the world

Why'd you have to roll over me that way?
you mowed me like a wheat field on a patent black tractor
with your back-ho jeering me from back at the farm house
you got your baby-cake and still eaten me whole

Paste my face in the middle of a dart board
break that toy truck before it's out of the store
all this driving with the brakes on gets to be a drag
all this play-acting's getting to be a bore

where on earth did you learn about relationships?
reading Charles Atlas getting sand in your face
you used to be a loser so you punish all the girls
c'mon, getting your feet wet-can't be all that bad

I'm a falling tree and you're a wood with no ears
Screaming platitudes inside of a vacuum
a hundred hands clapping and you feel no better
can't get any damper than the middle of a tide pool

You know there's nothing to these school girl fantasies
but you take this licking cause the clock keeps ticking
that flying angel savior's a no-show
but you gotta go deeper it's the only way out
only way out