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JANUARY 10, 2021


My comment: When Trump withdrew from the WHO at the beginning of this pandemic, I realized that this was the most evil entity that has ever taken up space on this planet. One that I refuse to assign gender, race, or even species to; because that would be an insult to any form of life on this planet that deserves respect, inclusion and acceptance, and whom this “president” DOESN’T CARE ABOUT, as it is only capable of caring about itself - Feeding it’s own ego, trying to fill a hole in what I am BEGRUDGINGLY calling a “soul” - that can NEVER BE FILLED. Not in this lifetime anyway. 


An entity that doesn’t care if EVERYONE dies. An entity that actively tried to kill ITS OWN FOLLOWERS with its super spreader, mask-less rallies, and then exposed and infected its own staff at the White House after contracting Covid itself, STILL DOWNPLAYING it in the face of a quarter of a million dead from the virus at the time. And it is responsible for the deaths of at least one of its followers while watching a violent insurrection THAT IT INCITED, claiming it would take the lead in the mob, but after encouraging this coup, instead went back to it’s cave and watched the carnage for SHEER ENTERTAINMENT’S SAKE! 
Seth Meyers Calls For Trump's Removal After Violent Insurrection at Capitol: A Closer Look

Alpha Cat's (E's) TOP 11 CORONAVIRUS SONGS 2020  

This year my top videos are going to be different in a few ways. First, I am doing my top 11 videos, for the No. 11 in the I Ching - Peace, and who doesn’t want that?! Number one will post on January 1, so that we can bring that intention into the new year. This year I’ve chosen from amongst seekers and teachers young and old, even from artists who are no longer with us, at least in body. But they all came in this year to SHOW US THINGS, things we’ve not seen before, even if they had to do it from the other side. These all also hit me on a very personal level, but I was stuck at home, pondering my life, as I trust you all were as well. They are also not listed in order of any judgement of quality, but rather in the order of how my (possibly yours too?) consciousness has evolved this year (IF we’ve been paying attention!) And because I believe everyone went through some kind of transformation this year (I certainly did!) this is my kind of theme,: how can we move from darkness back into the light. I can only hope it went that way for you all as well…  

No. 1: This song, “Ghosts” by one of the original “woke” artists, Bruce Springsteen, is a perfect intention to carry us into 2021,  When I saw he & the E. Street band perform it on SNL the line that stood out was “I’m alive” and when I looked it up and saw the title, it was a perfect reflection of my assumed theme/purpose: to be alive in the present, we have to deal with the ghosts first! And yes, there can be an advantage for staying on this planet for a while…

No 2. If we have been shifting between the five stages of grief all through this year, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s collaboration in “Rain On Me” was a shift into that one about acceptance. “I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive…” No matter how many tears it took, or will take, yes. Absolutely.

No. 3. Confusion Wheel: this, Tom Petty’s Sept 10 message from the other side from, as we all sat in our confusion and uncertainty - wondering what was going to happen in the U.S. presidential election, describes exactly WHERE I WAS, at least! Can’t speak for the rest of you. But the reissue of “Wildflowers and all the rest” gave us many gifts and clues as to where we’re headed…

No. 4: This song, Life’s a Mess, by the late Juice WRLD, is one of several messages we got (and that are going to be here in the top 11) from someone already on the other side, in an afterlife collaboration with the brilliant Halsey, who of course is still here! Perfect description of where we found ourselves on July 6. And I can’t help but feel an intense sadness of Juice Wrlds’ passing at such a young age, and his ability to be so open with his desire for pure love and acceptance. I certainly share that with him. Do you?

No. 5: God Only Knows by For King & Country featuring the great Dolly Parton. Yes, I realize this came out in 2019, but I didn’t hear it until this February. And did I need it! Thought it was a love song when I first heard it, and it struck home then. I guess I heard it when I needed to. Only later did I realize it was a Christian song. And now in December 2020, it is yet another of those prescient songs written by those who were tapped into a future we could not have imagined before. And of course, Dolly herself is certainly a goddess, and a savior, since we all should know by now that she helped fund the vaccine that may save us from this virus…

No. 6: This song, Mood by  24kGoldn featuring iann dior is - simply irresistible! What an amazingly fun and upbeat way to talk about relationship issues and depression! I’m totally in love!!!

No. 7: It took a while for Harry Styles to fully win me over, and strangely it wasn’t his dark stuff that did it, but Watermelon Sugar, released in the spring, and “Dedicated to touching!” Couldn’t stop listening, and so had to accept that I love it! Also found out last night that if you post the #HereForRMHC with any photo or video, that McDonalds's give $100 to the Ronald McDonald House! (Look it up, they do great stuff!) A good reason to share this, or to post your own pic or vid with the hashtag! 

No. 8: Katy Perry's Daisies. Almost put up a sad song this morning, but then I remembered what day it was! This came out on May 14. And it kept me going when I wanted to give up. Nuff said…. 

No. 9: Yes, I love The Weeknd (and the weekend!) I think this song, Blinding Lights, is probably how everyone wants SOMEONE to feel about them… 

No. 10: ...is Savage - Megan Thee Stallion is not only empowering black women with this song, she is not only empowering WOMEN! She is calling on everyone to empower themselves!: 

No. 11:  Demi Lovato’s intensely personal and vulnerable performance of Anyone from the 2020 Grammys. If that didn’t touch you, well… And I hope with all my heart that she does find peace.



I'm afraid I bit off more than I could chew, and didn't realize how exhausted I was until I almost fainted in Target yesterday getting a replacement power cable for my laptop! So I am going to take some time to rest and deal with some things I haven't had time for lately. And give you all time to actually relax with your loved ones for the holidays. So I am moving the Q & A to Jan 17, so we can ALL recover from this incredibly challenging year! 

So on Sunday, January 17, at 12 noon EST, I will be doing the live Q & A over Zoom with those of you who would just like to ask me stuff. I am not just going to talk AT you, I want to hear what you all have to say! 

So here’s how it works: 

YOU send an email to alphacat19@aquamarinerecords.com with Q & A in the subject line. Include your name (first only is fine) and one or two questions. Depending on how many people submit, you may or may not get in, but your question might still be addressed. If you have the ability to raise your hand in the zoom, and there is an opening, you may also get to ask a question during the zoom. You can ask pretty much anything, and I will respond the best I can. I will do a minimum of an hour (if people show up that is) and depending on how much energy I have, a max of 2. 

The rest of the rules will be posted on the AC website soon... maybe after a good night's sleep and a Sunday off?

DECEMBER 19, 2020 

pearl harbor 2020 will be available for pre-order from December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day!!!) until February 16, 2021, at the discounted price of 11 bucks for either digital downloads or CD, which includes an instant download of Brett Thorngren's new master of the title song! And if you order the CD, which has new and original artwork and lyrics for the original 13 songs, you will receive the digital version for free, and lyrics for the two new/old songs as well! Link will be available for those on the email list on Saturday the 5th...


DECEMBER 16, 2020 

The December Relix Magazine is up, and Alpha Cat is on it! 

Brett Thorngren’s totally new master of “Something of Value” from our upcoming release: pearl harbor 2020, is track #5 (my lucky number!) on the winter edition of Relix magazine’s CD sampler and Spotify playlist! Please check it out, and share if you are so inclined.  
xoxo, e.  
Spotify playlist: https://bit.ly/RelixPlaylistDEC20




Octopus as Spirit Animal 

“Octopus suggests being kind and gentle with yourself and others. Think globally. Stretch your mind in all eight directions, sensing where need lies. Octopi have eight limbs, (like spokes on the Wheel of Time)  each of which can regenerate; what a powerful symbol for our ability to recreate ourselves throughout life’s various cycles.” - Bernadette King - The Ark